Manuscript Evaluation

Evaluating your needs is an important part of my service, providing a powerful starting point for our relationship. For this reason, I always ask for a substantial portion of your manuscript – all, if possible – to review. This helps me effectively assess your writing style and provide a fair estimate of both time and cost for your project. Manuscript evaluation carries a flat fee of $60 for the first 30,000 words, with an additional .005 for each word over 30,000. This fee is to be paid in advance but will be fully credited at the time of final payment for any edit.

This evaluation does not involve character, plot, or argument development, nor any of the edits described in the “Types of Edits” page. I will scan your manuscript for general writing style, grammatical acumen, and format; this review is aimed at developing a fair estimate of the amount of work required.

The ME will be provided in a Word document.

Client Portal

EdiTask will soon launch our Client Portal where authors can:

  • Upload their manuscripts, papers, or audio (for transcription)
  • Track the progress of their MEs, edits, or transcripts
  • Ask questions
  • Collect completed MEs, edits, or transcripts
  • Make payments online

Our site is safe! Your work is private and protected from unauthorized access on our secure platform. Files are encrypted using TLS 1.2 protocol, bank-level security.


Some authors wish to dictate their work – in part or in full – and we are here to help! I have transcribed for 30+ years; my team members each have at least five years of vetted experience. Let us help convert your audio to a text file, allowing you to see your thoughts on paper, then taking those thoughts to the finish line with your completed manuscript, While we accept audio files in many formats*, we also provide a toll-free dictation line which is available 24/7.

*We accept most common audio file formats, including wav, dss, ds1, mp2, mp3, mp4, wma, and dct. We also accept video recordings in mov, wmv, mp4., avi, oog, and will accept links to streaming video and audio files available on the web. We do not currently accept physical media (tapes, CDs, SD cards, etc.). If you have a file in a format other than those listed here, please email us!