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We always review your textual content after price estimates. If we determine you’ve chosen an edit type which is too comprehensive for your needs, we will let you know, promptly refunding any overage. If you’ve chosen an edit type that does not adequately meet your needs, we will contact you with our reasoning. You may either continue with your chosen edit type, upgrade to our suggested type, or decline editing altogether and ask for a refund. If you choose a refund, EdiTask reserves $60 for the first 30K words and $.005 for every word thereafter to cover our evaluation costs.

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Edit Type

PUGS: Your editor is checking punctuation, usage, grammar, and spelling (PUGS), to ensure that your content is grammatically accurate and free of spelling errors

Work Type

Book Manuscript: Print or E-book, manuscript, script, biography, article, blog, textbook, magazine, story, poem. INCLUDES in-line edit and Editor’s Report